GLOBOLOKURA respond... what you want to know?


Here you will find answer to frequently asked questions about our most requested services.
If your question is not in the list, write to us at info@globolokura.com and ask us what you want!
1. How does the balloon decoration service?

Once contracted our services, whether our staff performs requested structured decoration (bases, pipes, connections, lines of wire and metal, etc) to support the balloons. Some of these elements, at the end of the event we collect them, are our property, but all the balloons are yours.WEB MAINTENANCE 2

Our staff always carries everything you need to perform the installation and dismantling of decoration to make.

2. need to go and see the place where the party will be held?

It is not essential. Although it is recommended.

Many places we already know them by having worked previously, but if it's a new space, we can advise you better if we become acquainted with the place and their characteristics.

We also need to receive instructions about where we will place decoration, as well as to consider anything that might affect the installation and access to our staff, cars and work utensils on your part.

If you can be, you can designate a Manager in place, or we can go just to see the place and take photos so give us instructions by telephone or by email.

3 lead the service to restaurants, houses, gardens...?
If. We offer our services of decoration with balloons to rooms
Parties, private homes, companies... and in any location: interior, garden and beach.
For decorations to the outside, you must consider that adverse weather conditions, such as wind, rain or excess Sun may affect the result of the decoration.
• We ask that you comment with those responsible for the place, the placement of the balloon decoration, since there are places that could not miss us because you do not tell them (according to them...) It is always best to verify it with the administration of the place.
• Warning of the arrival of our staff in place, at the agreed time. For our part, we will also contact the responsible to inform them that we carry tools and materials so that we can begin and end work at the agreed time, and when the place is not open, or will allow us to pass, not be liable by schedule changes that may affect the event.
• We will also inform those responsible that, in some cases, need to use an electrical outlet since we carry electrical machines to inflate balloons and need electrical energy. We can deliver the necessary extension cords.
• Also agreed if the dismantling and removal of all materials and tools such as structures holding balloons and all the parts used, either the next day or at the end of the event as agreed with the client or with the managers of the place.

4. how long does it take to make a decoration with balloons?
Depending on the service you contracted it can last more or less time.
According to decoration to make we calculate the estimated time for its realization.
Many works have been made from our workshop of balloons, so only require that we let them each into place. That is a task that concerns us a little time.
We must make other works, because of its size, in the same venue. In these cases the time will depend on the work itself. In each case shall be communicated to the customer the estimated time for the execution of the same.
5. how long does let me decoration with balloons?
Decoration is left for the periods that last event, and at the end of the event, if so agreed with the customer, our staff goes to dismantle and pick up things. In case of not having anything to collect, the decoration is in place indefinitely.
Balloons are always the client.

6. how long are the balloons?
All the balloons that we use are the best quality on the market, to ensure optimal results in our decorations with balloons, both in strength and durability.
It is very random to speak of a specific duration, since environmental conditions directly affect the duration of the balloons. Under normal conditions, interior décor can last up to 30 days, depending on the model of balloons used also.

7. what material are balloons that use?
We use latex balloons in a solid finish, but if you like balloons in Pearly finish or metallic, the cost increases, request quote in this case.
New chrome finish latex balloons, have a high cost, which almost doubles that of solid balloons.
Besides, we use different materials such as PVC or the Microfoil or mylar balloons.

8. what happens if I don't return the structures of balloons?
In all cases, balloons are yours, but the structures that support them are property of GLOBOLOKURA and must be returned.
In the event that the structures which hold the balloons suffer
damage, you must pay for damage or by the piece if necessary. Damage caused by normal use which involves the wear of any parts are not subjects of any payment.
If the structures that hold the balloons are not returned you will have to pay for them.
Non-refoulement of bases and structures used can agree beforehand with the client.
9. is there an additional charge to take into account?

If. There are services that generate a charge by displacement. TRANSPORT 4This fee is charged only once and cover all the services that you are requesting for your event and depending on the location of your party, this position information you are given.

10. Why we make a surcharge to the price of the Service contracted?
Each balloon delivery service is unique and is always performed by a duly qualified to manipulate any element of balloons. Also this personal is able to amend any damage that could occur to your balloons during transport.
Our prices are competitive and we guarantee a service of the highest quality, backed by the professionalism of our team. We publish our prices and you say that there is an additional charge for the transportation. We give you the price and you decide if you want the service or not.
We are located in the center of Mataró. We are forced to carry out this charge by distance and additional maneuvers that involves going to where you request us the service.